Broadcast Writing Task

Athena Avelino
1 min readMay 31, 2021
Illustration by Paige from PicsArt

Studying Broadcast writing taught me the difference of writing a news article to writing for broadcast news. After learning about the basics and the details, we were given the task to turn a news story into a broadcasting script.

Below is our final broadcasting script:


A church donation collector is going to prison after taking roughly 1.8 million pesos from Aqovida Fellowship Church in Sipsipnet City.

Regional Trial Court sentenced Dina Natuto to three-year imprisonment and a 100,000-peso fine. Police arrested Dina Natuto in June last year, after being caught pocketing money from the church where she worked since 20–16. She pleaded guilty to the said offense earlier today.

Discrepancies with the donation tally prompted an employee to report Natuto to church authorities. Aqovida Fellowship Church Pastor Jack E. Bagbaga described Natuto as “polite” and “extremely nice.” Bagbaga also assumed that everything was okay, but it turned out otherwise.

Natuto refused to make any statement after the trial court decision.



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